CEMENT from the I N H A B I T collection is a photographed that implies neighborship and partnerships - Although each has its own side, the structure is one.


Taken in the Southern province of Zambia. Although electrical lines pass overhead, the home itself is not connected to any electricity. It’s inhabitants have to use fire to stay warm and mobile torches to find their way at night.


I N H A B I T is a photographic collection that takes a look at the impact that culture, materials, climate conditions, and even political situations have on someone's home. Through a dozen photographs with a similar aesthetic line. the collection was photographed in the past two years across east-africa. It challenges and insprire the viewer to examine if, when, and to what extent natural elements impact their own home. 

We tend to conceptualize 'home' as our anchor, but in fact, isn't it a mirror for all the changes in our lives, and our ability to deal with them? 



  • Art-print Details

    • Printed in the finest Giclée method on a fine art Ilford Prestige Smooth Pearl 310gsm paper - 62/40cm
    • Sent in a tube
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    • 50% of profit is donated to the construction of a school in Karamoja, Uganda (Leave your email or subscribe to the blog to get updates)

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