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I am Lior Sperandeo, an Israeli visual artist and the proud founder of

A decade ago, my life took an unforgettable turn as a young photojournalist, drawn by the heart-wrenching narratives of humanitarian crises in Africa. From witnessing the struggles in refugee camps to facing the devastating impact of natural disasters, droughts, and famine, I ventured into the continent through its bleeding back door.

What I encountered was nothing short of transformative. The myths and stigmas surrounding this land for centuries were shattered before my eyes. The people I met exuded an unwavering spirit, boundless resilience, and an overflowing abundance of laughter and compassion. Their strength and warmth painted a different reality—one far removed from the one I was initially sent to document.

My journey led me to the indomitable souls of Karamoja, Uganda.

Nestled in the very heart of this remarkable country, I found not just a dwelling place but a profound sense of purpose.


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Lior Sperandeo Photographer
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Discover PEOPLE OF -  

An independent photography platform that gives a voice to the voiceless using photography, video, and storytelling.

People of - Lior Sperandeo


Every month, I put out a special edition Art Print for sale. 

50% of the profits go towards my humanitarian work in Karamoja.


 Jewish community Ethiopia


Get Inspired with original photo-stories. A glimpse into Lior's adventure and journey.  

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